Thursday, March 4, 2010

9-11 Truthers...Idiots Without a Cause

What is it about the independent movement that careens between Constitutional rationality and insanity? Case in point, the 9-11 Truther movement. This is the group of tin foil hatters who believe that the attack of 9-11 was a Government inside job.

This is the foil that destroyed Debra Medina's momentum in the Texas Governor's primary, a promising young conservative women (story below), who tripped over this madness during a Glenn Beck radio interview while responding to a question. When she stated these Truthers may have legit concerns in her answer, she stepped on a political land mine that enervated growing support for her candidancy. What Debra meant to say, was that people in general have the right to question the Government. However, she later recanted and refined the response, a little too late, that the entire Truther proposition that our Government attacked their own citizens was entirely bizarre.

Why do these Truthers, found to inhabit fringe sites run by Alex Jones, persist in their idiotic views? I don't know. Reason does not work with these people, as this seems to be a cult, a religion, and chasing this ridiculous theory is much like Captain Ahab's fixation with Moby Dick. It is a cognitive dissonance, where they complain evidence of Government complicity was its failure to take any action to stop the attack...while in the same breath they bitterly complain about any follow-on measure to stop the next attack (i.e. the Patriot Act). Apparently 9-11 was a Globalist plot to create the excuse to establish martial law in the United States. However, nine years after 9-11...martial law has not been declared. So, did the plot fail?

While Truthers wallow in the insanity of the plot that didn't work, they ignore the socialistic take over of banks, car companies, energy companies (cap and trade), and the entire health care industry. Who needs marshal law, when the Government under the Obama regime is taking over all means of plain sight.

To the Ron Paul Truthers, please take off the tin foil 9-11 serves a distraction to what the Globalists are really doing right in front of you. Wise up. Below are the best 1 minute videos I've seen to debunk all of the main assertions of these dingleberrys. If you know a Truther, please give them these links.

+Fire doesn't need to melt steel debunked (click here)
+WTC 7 collapse explained/debunked (click here)
+Use of explosives debunked (click here)
+Thermite columns cut debunked (click here)

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