Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Continuing War for Independence

Its just the start. We are now engaged in a war. A war that started in 1776, and one that will probably never end as long as tyrant's breath.

The United States has survived many perilous times, and incurred damage at every turn. The most significant "change" was during the Southern war for independence. Some in the South called this the second war of independence. The South did not prevail in sustaining the original intent of the American Constitution, of sovereign free States consenting to the limits of long as Government stayed within those limits.

Americans are not Europeans. We do not like regulation. We do not like restraints. We do not like, and will not tolerate the excess of Government ruling over every detail of our lives for the illusive objective of "common good". Americans know that what is good for each individual is equally good for society. That is uniquely American; a belief that Government is not the master but the servant. Our Founding Fathers deliberately made it difficult to pass laws that effect all States, as they knew of the danger and excess of centralized Government power. Balance of power between three branches is an inefficient form of Government by design. Balance of power, due to those built in inefficiencies preserves freedom by denying absolute power to any tyrant. What endangers that freedom is a Congress and Judiciary that worships the annoited one like an imperial emperior. Once the emperior consolidates power, the allure is much like heroin. Once the tyrant tastes, he's hooked, and it takes blood and revolution to set things right.

The equal branches of Government need to reassert their authority to reestablish the limits of Government. Those limits, or walls, depends on Government branches asserting that authority and maintaining their independence. Likewise States, under the 10th Amendment, must assert their powers to limit the Federal Government. Local Government must in turn limit the power of States. The most power must be centered at the local level, which is closest to to people.

Why is Congress so out of touch with the people? The formulation for country has been tampered with by Progressive Presidents and Congress over our 200 year history. Abraham Lincoln, who centralized Federal authority, thumbed his nose at the Constitution and limits of Federal authority. Since that breach, the power of the Federal Government over States has grown to unmanageable levels.

Its been said by American leaders, to their shame, that America's strength is her diversity. That is the result of years of political correct progressive thinking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our strength lies with the ideals of one concept....freedom. That I, as an individual, am free to succeed, free to fail, free to love, free to even hate, free to have any opinion or do anything that I please with one caveat....that my freedom doesn't trample the freedom of others. That works until the lawyers come in, and twist words around until they have no meaning at all. In a Democratic society, moral support provided by religion is critical for self Government. The retraints compelled by the All Mighty God, govern our relationships with fellow countrymen. Our first President said the same thing.

This fight for America's heritage will start with debate, but will ultimately end in blood and violence should the Democrat's continue this course. Obama is much like Lincoln, in his desire to be King...recognizing no limits to the power of the Presidency and the Congress. The third war of Indepedence always looms before us.

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