Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is it Time to Join a Militia?

Although I never felt insecure enough to join a militia, I am beginning to see a definite need. Yes, I am fearful. Call it paranoia, call it nativism, call it bigotry, call it xenophobia, oh hell...just call it plain unAmerican. I'm joining up.

I need a brotherhood (including sisters) who I can turn to when things start falling apart. The average numbnut doesn't appreciate that our civilization... our very existence hangs on threads. You take an island like Hawaii. If ships and planes stop coming with food, fuel, and medical supplies, how long would the population on that island survive? How long would it take for the wheels to start coming off the cart...24, 48, 72, or 120 hours? It won't take long, my friends (my John McCain impression..just kidding, of course). I was talking with a truck driving friend of mine who said most grocery store shelves would empty in just 48 hours without restocking deliveries. Supply chain management folks. Nothing is warehoused in any great quantity anymore. I tell you again, our very survival hangs by the hour...should anything interrupt the routine delivery of life sustaining supplies. Think about it.

I was in Fayetteville NC when hurricane Bonnie blew through. Staying in a hotel, the local news station recommended everyone get batteries, get water, get canned goods, get enough stuff to tide you over for two to three days... if things went South. That very night, I went to the store. Guess what. No water, no milk, no bread, no batteries, no flashlights, no nothing...absolutely nothing could be bought potentially useful for survival (less than 2 hours from that report). In a real emergency, I'm convinced we'd kill each other for a jar of olives.

What is equally perilous is that I don't recognize my country anymore. I look around, and don't see fellow countrymen, but foreigners speaking every language you can imagine...except English. You see, they don't see you as a fellow American either, but just another competitor. These people wouldn't give you a second glance... certainly couldn't count on them to lend a hand if you needed help. Forget it. You're a gringo, a infidel, a honky, a redneck, certainly not one of them. I now know how the Israelis feel, surrounded by people who are indifferent a best, or would cut your throat at worst.

Therefore, join a militia. You can't count on the system, whether its local , State, or Federal. Your not going to find me standing on a rooftop like a Katrina moron with a help sign. The next emergency may be very different. You can't count on the invaders who now live among us in America. What you can count on is a loaded AK with full magazines....and a few equally equipped like minded friends watching your back.

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