Friday, April 10, 2009

Did Christ Rise?

There were eyewitnesses to the empty tomb.

Eyewitnesses that saw Jesus after the resurrection (at least 500 witnesses). Many historical events recorded in history and accepted as truth have less verification.

The number of people involved in such a fraud, if were such, would be near impossible without someone exposing it.

The Christian movement began in Jerusalem, the least likely of places (where he was killed), as all that it would have taken was the discovery of Christ’s moldering body to stop it cold.

Disciples, after seeing Christ, martyred their lives to spread Christianity. Why, for a fraud....a hoax? They died not for power, money, fame, honor, but died a criminal's death for the revealed truth. Why else?
Centuries of verifiable prophecies fulfilled, written a thousand years before his birth. Christ could not have arranged the circumstance of his birth or his death at the hands of the Roman State.

Everything in the world has changed, as a result of the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A mere man with no army or navy, no earthly kingdom, living only to the age of 33, conquered the most powerful empire in the World, Rome. Every time we look at a calendar, date a check, it was based on the date of his birth. How could he be anything but who he said he was, the Son of God. His purpose, to save us. No other reason, no other purpose, but fulfill the law, so sin can no longer condemn us to the grave. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Good news for we sinners.

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