Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Dear Leader Shot His Rocket

Our President, will rush off to the UN, to craft another resolution that Kim Jong Il, the Dear Leader, will ignore. The Dear Leader made promises that he wouldn't build his little rocket, and was given economic concessions for this promise. So what will he get in return for being the lying sack of shit he is....well...more resolutions and sanctions. The usual response is that he'll make more promises, the UN and the Obama administration will forgive, and it starts over again. Each time it gets worse. I guess we're waiting until North Korea finally has developed rocket technology and nuclear weapons that they can market and sell to the radical Islamists.

Speaking softly but caring a wet noodle isn't working, Mr. teleprompter President. Is this a war on terror, or now just another contingency operation? Get a new speech writer, your weakness is showing.

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