Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Fallen American Empire...the Summit of the Americas.

I'm so proud that BO is striking such new friendships with Socialist Governments. It seems socialist leaders and BO are discovering that they agree more than disagree on areas of foreign policy and governance. The United States is a terrorist, imperialistic State that deserves its comeuppances. Yes BO, we are so sorry for being the exceptional, great capitalistic power we are.... that provided more resources and money to the worlds poor than any nation on Earth. Not to mention, taking the lead in removing international bad guys and restoring rightful Governments. Yes, we are so damn sorry. Perhaps BO is right, America shouldn't lead, and let the world lead us. Europe, leading in the 20th century, brought us two world wars. Yes. Looking forward to America stepping back, and becoming another socialist mediocre power. BO has put us on equal footing and moral equivelancy with the likes of Chavez, Castro, and Ortega.

Evil is slobbering at the prospect of gobbling up the world, with no Judeo Christian power to stand in its way. Altruism is replacing our Christian heritage, and we know how good, just very good, people are if given a chance. Just ask Senator Stewart Smalley.

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