Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back To 1978...

Obama will be the time machine that takes us back to 1978. Gas lines and out of gas signs on stations throughout the country.

Democrat falacies include, but are not limited to the following:

Democrat theory 1. There is no disparity between oil demand and supply, and speculators and evil oil companies are driving the prices up.

Every great lie is embedded with a little truth. Speculation does drive prices up, but it drives them down as well. Our issues our complex, too much spending (by Democrats and RINOs) devaluing the dollar...but the elephant in the living room is that world demand is exceeding current production levels. Thats what is driving the speculation up and up. With no anticipated increases to that production now or in the future, oil will climb higher and higher. Enter stage right, the Democrats, who will open up supply by taxing oil companies to buy votes by redistributing money to lower income to buy gas. But doesn't that raise demand, just what they say they don't want to do? How does that increase supply? With Democrat sponsored new taxes on oil, oil companies will reacte by moving their operations offshore and continue to sell their product to the growing global market. This will drive prices far above the point to where any confiscation of oil company profits to distribute to the poor will help at all. I'm afraid the Democrats, short of nationalizing oil companies as the Socialist dictator Hugo Chavez recently did, can't put the global genie back in the bottle. This is where the Democrat party is moving, replacing free enterprise with Government run energy companies, healthcare, and housing.

Democrat theory 2. Higher gas prices will reduce demand and accelerate adaption to alternative energy.
Although this theory runs directly counter to the Hussein plan to redistribute money to buy gas, then its obviously an attempt to buy votes because even Democrats can't be that stupid (although many of their supporters are). The idea that the poor will buy green energy rather than oil is a pipe dream....even ALGORE's carbon footprint is 20 times the average American just heating and cooling his 20,000 mansion ….and fueling up the private jet he sports around in...yes...even though he nailed a few solar panels on his roof, it wasn't enough. Alternate energy is expensive and inefficient compared to oil, but I guess the poor will have to suck it up for the sake of environmental extremism. Yeah Democrats. This is why Democrats support public schools, as they continue to roll out people who cannot read, write, or think.

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