Sunday, July 6, 2008

McCain going 'Center' on Wrong Issues

McCain is going to the 'center' on the wrong issues. Reneging on bordersecurity first, and focusing on immigration reform is a loser. Touting free trade versus fair trade is a loser. The blue collar folks are watching their jobs exported overseas, while immigrant replacement workers pour in with H1B visas, and as illegal immigrant workers further suppress their wages. McCain better wake up.

Even the Obamanator is finding room to McCain's'right' to run issues at our RINO nominee. That is exactly what Bill Clinton did to George H. Bush and Bob Doyle, and smoked their a$$es likecheap cigars. Before long, Obama's going to have a drilling proposal that's better than McCain's (as John will still be babbling about how he won't drill in the Grand Canyon). Where are the pros, and why does the GOP always have a collection of idiots that can't ever seem to connect the dots?

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