Saturday, June 7, 2008

Marriage is NOT a Right

Marriage is NOT a right. The state can legally stop issuing marriage licenses altogether. The notion that marriage is a constitution right is silly at best, and dangerous at worst (if courts rather than legislatures decide the issue).
The state legislature (we the people) decide what licenses our state issues. The judiciary has overstepped its bounds once again. Thugs in black robes are ill advised to overrule the will of 'we the people'. Activitist judges are making a mockery of our form of government, and they need to be made to answer (impeached or removed). This cannot be tolerated, whether we agree or disagree with the ruling. Courts CANNOT become legislatures by legal fiat. What they are doing in California is a power grab and unconstitutional. The Courts domain is to determine if an existing law applies to a case or does not. It is not their job to determine lack, and then fulfill the law by rule. That’s what elected legislators do on our behalf. We live in a democracy, not under the thumb of unelected dictators of public policy.
Gays are turning this into a civil rights issue. Its clearly not. Gayness is an identity, not a race or gender. Gays can get licenses to marry members of the opposite sex with no prejudice. If Gay marriage is wanted, then Gays should pursue through their elected representatives. Winning this decision may have been one step forward, but there will be two steps back as the backlash kicks in. Real Americans will not be ruled this way.
States issue marriage licenses to protect children, and promote the raising of the next generation. Marriage is a necessary institution to birth, nurture, and educate that generation. This is critical to the survival of the state. Licensed marriage has no other purpose for the state. Same sex marriages are not equal in this respect. Single parenting or adoptions are not entitlements to marriage licenses. The state sets the conditions for marriage, and it choose wisely to promote heterosexual marriage to successfully raise up the next generation of tax paying citizens.
Homosexual marriage has no benefit to the state. In fact, homosexual sex is generally unhealthy and spreads disease and injury throughout the society. Despite denials, STDs run rampant between homosexual and bisexual communities. It is not in any states interest to promote any sexual proclivity by license whether its homosexuality, bisexuality, polygamy, pedophilia, or fathers marrying daughters, mothers marrying sons, or brothers marrying sisters. Marriage is designed to protect the children of heterosexual unions. That’s it.

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