Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We were Democrats once...

I really miss the Democrat Party, before it became such a mess. I actually voted for Jimmy Carter...my first Presidential election. I didn’t know any better. Jimmy looked harmless enough, a Southern religious man, or so I thought. My congressman was none other than Albert Gore. Young and full of hope, the idealism of the party was intoxicating. Al Gore, at that time, was a pro-life blue dog, a Vietnam War veteran, a young man who seemed to possess the values of our region and culture. I met Al Gore several times when he would periodically appear at the Court House for community meetings, and he graciously helped me out a few times . Then, it happened.

Going back to my first mistake….Jimmy Carter. The country was furious at Gerald Ford for the Nixon pardon, at least that was the main thing I heard in my little circle. The Republicans were corrupt, and we needed a change. Sound familiar?

Well folks, we got change. Double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment, high gas prices, long gas lines, and a major foreign policy disaster in Iran. Then I changed, and joined the Reagan revolution. The Gipper was remarkable communicator, who talked of a shining city on a hill, of small government, and the power of the individual. He confronted evil, and called it as he saw it. I was so taken with this leader; I joined the military to do my small part of fulfilling his vision for this country.

Then, it happened again. Enter stage right, the resurgence of Rockefeller Republicanism with the election of George H. Bush. I voted for him, hoping for the best, but it was a lesser of two evils choice. Then Bob Doyle came along, and I was presented again with an uninspiring lesser of two evils choice. George W. Bush, what can I say? John McCain, I could weep. As for Al Gore, he's not a well man, completely unhinged, wide eyed, and truely frightening to see how the demon that crawed inside his head has ravaged the poor boy. Now where do I go?

As I recall Davy Crockette, in a similar situation, said, "You all may go to hell, I'm going to Texas".

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