Friday, May 23, 2008

More Thoughts on Gay Marriage

The 'gay identity' gives homosexuals release from the anxiety of not fitting in within sexual norms.Gay sex by practice is unhealthy, and should never be encouraged by any state in the form of marriage licenses. This is folly, and makes no sense.Why anyone is gay can be attributed to complex developmental factors, and to some degree, physiological factors that may make them more predisposed. There is NO gay gene. The manifestations are complex, as no one person with this proclivity is homosexual for the same reason. You can observe the range of manifestations parading down the street during a gay pride celebration.The gay agenda wants us to believe that once gay, always gay. In the same sense that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic may have some truth. Alcoholism is likewise attributed to predisposed physiological and developmental/environmental factors. The crime to homosexuals is the establishment of a permanent 'gay identity’. Homosexuals who might want to pursue treatment have no options. It’s a hopeless situation for those who want try to understand , treat, and potentially manage their proclivity. However, having a sexual preference does not entitle anyone to marriage rights in our society. Certainly the courts do not have the authority, and only the legislature (we the people) can and should decide.It is appropriate that heterosexual marriage, as the institutional cradle to nurture and raise the next generation, be fully encouraged, endorsed, and given preference by the state for its own survival. There is no compelling interest for the state to license or endorse homosexuality.

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