Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Mother of all Dilemmas

With the polls trending away from McCain, evidenced by a recent Zogby poll indicating that Obama has an 8 point lead, it may be the GOP is overestimating the effect the Rev Wright Pastergate episode had on public opinion. McCain seems to be making no headway in pulling the GOP base together, which is not making his prospects brighter as time goes on. McCain had his head handed to him recently when, in typical maverick fashion, he criticised the NC GOP for the Rev Wright ad they were running against Democratic opponents running in the State gubernatorial race. The maverick thought the ad was not 'representative' of the kind of campaign he wanted to run. Unfortunately, the ads had nothing to do with him or his campaign. The NC GOP told McCain to go pound sand. McCain's lack of appeal to conservatives may cause the base to abandon the GOP ticket entirely for unlikely allies in the Libertarian Party, or even to write in their own choices.

As a conservative, one VP choice that won't help him with conservatives is Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Crist is a first class RINO, who supported legislation to provide voting rights for release felons, and is on board with the man made global warming hoax.

These two, McCain and Crist, would further divide the GOP from its base, and I hope the Maverick has more sense than to choose Crist as VP. He may feel beholden to him for his well timed endorsement in the Florida primary, but this will not balance the ticket where it needs help.

No conservative is looking eagerly to vote for this ticket, and may go with the nuclear option and not support it at all, which will have the consequence of putting an ill prepared President in office on the whimsical hope that a true conservative will emerge in 2012. I sympathize with that point of view, but going through another 'Jimmy Carter' administration is too painful to imagine. This election is the mother of all dilemmas for Conservatives.

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