Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Muslim and the European.

The Muslim and the European. Muslim’s dying in Syria cross the borders to Europe. The Muslim’s cry out, "let us in, for we are desperate and hungry." The kind Europeans open their borders; Muslims are fed, housed, clothed and gratitude should be in order.

After taking their fill the Muslims now say, “your lifestyle is all wrong and it must be changed…… so change or great trouble will be headed your way. They demand, "cover your women and prepare food to our traditions, don’t criticize our Prophet, and live under Sharia without question."

The Europeans cry out, "we don’t understand but we will try, as this may
be too much to buy." The Muslims strike out, they hack, cut, and fire. “Why do you kill we generous Europeans....didn't we pull you from the mire?” The Muslims answer, "you knew we were Muslim when you took us in, and the nature of our beliefs kills those who offend”.

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