Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Islamic Radicalization

The idea of Islamic "radicalization" is misunderstood across the board.

Islam is a zero sum game. Meaning heaven is based on a scoreboard, tallied up by great works of faith. There is no forgiveness for sins as in Christianity. All your sins follow you to judgement except under one circumstance. That is martyrdom.

Muslims who migrate to Western culture face temptations they've never confronted. They can't force Western women to cover for example, so they lust and sin. They are exposed to alcohol, sex, and drugs, and become addicted to a Western lifestyle. This part of them that seems progressive creates great conflicts with their Islamic psyche that these sins will follow them, and with no forgiveness, will send them to hell. Panic sets in.

The answer, martyrdom, or what the West calls radicalization. Once that decision is made, they become free to rape, pillage, or steal. As their final destination is eventual martyrdom, their faith teaches all these sins will be forgiven. The 9-11 hijackers went on a binge of Gentlemen's clubs and alcohol consumption. This seems non-Islamic, but its not for martyrs. All Muslims, because of cultural confrontation with free societies, have the potential to crack as the only means of redemption available to them for past sin. Hence "radicalization".

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