Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fixing the Inner City

These communities are a perfect storm of Democrat corruption and the complete and utter breakdown of the family structure. Building charter schools and making it easier to get capital to the few brave entrepreneurs willing to open a business in these blighted areas are needed. Somehow empowering churches to rebuild moral family structures in the next generation to head off self destructive behaviors must be done. Also changing welfare policy to not encourage an over 70% out-of-wedlock birthrate is imperative. The Government is actually encouraging and subsidizing women to have as many as six kids from different fathers who are not supporting the family. That is a poverty and crime incubator. Educating people at an early age not to follow these patterns is key (school and media education campaigns). I would say forcing deadbeat dads to pay child support is also an imperative, but a lot of these guys are either in jail or involved in illegal activities themselves. Its a real mess, and until black leaders recognize that the Government cannot fix it alone, little progress will be made. These people are going to have to look deep inside themselves and take control of their own lives.

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