Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boycott LA--BUYCOTT Arizona

All conservative organizations should cancel all contracts with the city of Los Angeles. This city, which is now a de-facto Mexican City... dirty, corrupt, and bankrupt... should be avoided at all costs. In this racist city, white people can easily get themselves killed should they venture into the wrong neighborhood. While traveling there on business several years ago, I made a wrong turn into Compton. The looks of hatred and anger I received while passing residents on the street was suffocating.

Needless to say, I got my white ass out of the AO as quickly as I could get the car turned around. Images of the Rodney King riots ran through my head, as white people driving through there were singled out, pulled out of their cars, and nearly beaten to death. As they give sanctuary to criminal aliens (i.e. MS-13) , the city is not safe for any European-American. The racism is horrific.The greatest blessing to the USA would be that both LA and San Francisco slip off into the Pacific ocean during the next earthquake.

BTW, notice Al Gore must not be worrying about Global Warming anymore, as he recently purchased a 9 million dollar mansion on the Pacific coast. Al was telling the rest of us that global warming would raise sea levels and flood the very area he is currently occupying. hmmm.

Folks, change your vacation plans to Arizona. The Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Sedona, all beautiful scenery and terrific weather. BuyCott Arizona. Make your reservations today!!!

Thank God for brave Arizona. I hope other States join Arizona in passing the new immigration law. Support them.

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