Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RINOs Playing Games Again

Lindsay Graham, our favorite RINO, has joined the chorus line of other pro-amnesty assholes criticising Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law. He runs in front of a microphone and matter of factly states the new law is Unconstitutional. Unconstitutional, even though it mirrors Federal law. Imagine that. His good buddy and sometimes Conservative (when running for re-election) John McAmnesty is all for the new law. So now, for the first time John and Lindsay are at odds. It must be that Lindsay isn't running for re-election this cycle. Too bad for John, that he can't join his RINO collegue in opposition to Arizona's law.

I heard a Democratic Hispanic Congressman from Arizona is also calling for a boycott of his own State. Well, what a great idea. I'd like to suggest to Conservatives that we boycott the State of South Carolina until they vote that RINO bastard Lindsay Graham out of the Senate . We can spend our vacation money in Arizona, rather than the beaches of South Carolina. Haven't we had enough RINO game playing at our expense?

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