Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kagan..General Thoughts

Hate crimes legislation is the next step by Stalinist leftists (Progressives) to stifle free speech in America. Stalin used to throw opponents in mental institutions. In the US, we call it mandatory "sensitivity training". If you're spewing speech the left doesn’t like, you may be a prime candidate for required sensitivity training (or known as reeducation camps in Commie circles).

Unelected judges ruling as tyrants will lead to trouble. If activist judges rule by fiat, and do not stick to strict constructionist principles, we will loose our freedom one ruling at a time.

We've had this kind of thing in America before. The Lincoln administration at one time went so far as to bar the use of the postal system for newspapers that disagreed with his administration. This of course ruined the newspapers. The Lincoln administration went still further and threw newspapermen in jail without charges. As you can imagine, he received great press once this policy went into effect. Too bad they were not clever enough to claim they were only stopping the spread of hate speech, then Lincoln would have been proclaimed a God.

An American conservative commentator was recently threatened in Canada with criminal prosecution for speaking her mind. Progressives are nothing but Stalinist leftists in disguise. They purport freedom of speech, as long as its speech they agree with. The USA isn’t Canada yet, but with judges like Kagan, we are not far away. Religious leaders have much to fear from Progressives gaining further inroads into our government and judiciary.

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