Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama in the Garden of Eden

Will Obama ever stop campaigning? Apparently, he doesn't know difference between campaigning and governing. Many independents hired him to fix the economy, not what he is apparently doing. Obama has managed to triple the deficit while incredibly continuing to blame Bush for the disastrous affects of his own policies (which are currently launching USA red ink into orbit). He passed a massive spending bill that no one in Congress had time to read. If they had read it, they would know all the spending in that bill only grows Government and not jobs. That’s the fatal flaw of Socialism, as it consumes money (wealth) and produces nothing in return. Gradually, due to high taxes, the wealth producers become unmotivated to produce, and the entire system goes bankrupt. One only has to look at California or Michigan to understand what high taxes and big government does to an economy. Government spending for government only transfers the same poor dollar from one pocket to another without adding one cent of value. We’ll pass the same poor old worn out dollar around and around and around and around until it gradually disintegrates. It cannot be used to build or grow another job. See 'Porkulus', why it won't work in the Must See segment on this site.

Big government, once started, is almost impossible to stop. The reason is simple. Big Government hires most of the voters. Once you hire voters, it’s impossible to reduce growth in Government because the hired ‘voters’ will not risk loosing raises or jobs. Therefore, hired voters will only support politicians that protect their Government jobs. For example, where I live its almost impossible to stop school district spending. The reason is the school system is the largest employer in the county. Every time a bond measure is voted on to build new, and sometimes unneeded facilities, those hired voters and their families turn out in droves to pass the measure. The result, our taxes go up, and up, and up. My only defense is to move out of the county. If enough of us do so, the school budget collapses.

The Soviets were absolutely terrified to move to a capitalistic system, as they had a guaranteed job, a guaranteed health care system, and a guaranteed pension. It really didn’t matter how poor the job was, how sorry the health care was, or even how rotten the pension. That’s why Socialist systems have to collapse under their own weight, as people will cling to a government provided peanut butter sandwich instead of working for a steak. Gradually, even the high and mighty Government runs out of peanut butter. I’ve seen that phenomenon time and time again. Apparently, some people fear both failure and success. Americans have always been unique in that respect, in that we are skeptical of government, and want minimal Government interference. Anyone who wants Government to run their life is not a true American. I fear that as our borders are flooded by immigrants who come here to reap economic reward rather than relief from Government oppression, the numbers of Socialists will eventually overpower freedom seeking Americans.

Government dependence, once it takes root, is a terrible thing. Even today, we see the destruction of LBJ’s Great Society affect on the black community. A system that herded them into ghettos, rewarded them for not working, rewarded them for having children out of wedlock, and permanent creating an entitlement mindset and Government dependence. Although they have been the objects of discrimination, that alone cannot explain or excuse the entire breakdown of the black family and its moral culture.
We cannot wait around for the Government to do something for us, but must take action ourselves. Only by doing so will provide greater power and prosperity. Government dependence is the hemlock Obama is wants us all to drink. The President is like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, tempting us to eat of this socialist fruit. In the name of all that’s Holy, do not take a bite, lest capitalism and free enterprise die forever in America.

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