Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The $40,000 Economy Car

The cars featured are "the kind of cars the Obama administration has been pushing: small cars with high fuel economy, hybrid technology, “alternative fuel” capability, etc." says Alex Epstein of the Ayn Rand Center, who doesn't see this as the exciting turnaround GM does.
"GM has already gone down a less extreme version of this road — and it proved to be the road to bankruptcy. Induced by irrational government fuel economy laws and union laws to make myriad small, fuel-efficient cars with overpaid union workers, GM lost enormous amounts of money. By contrast, GM and other American automakers made money on larger, safer, more luxurious cars (which could more easily absorb the higher labor costs) including SUVs and Muscle Cars — cars the administration decries".

Government Motors, building overpriced, under powered, UAW built pieces of crap. Lets all sing the Internationale.... The much awaited Chevy Volt comes in at a whooping 40K. Gotta pay Union wages adding,...of course... the Soprano's "skim".

No self respecting conservative should be caught dead or alive in one. If you buy one however, bring an extra long extension cord. Oh by the way....don't you have to plug it into one of those outlet thingies...and aren't those damn things powered by a belching coal fired power plant in many areas of the country?

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