Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Accomplishments of Ted Kennedy.

-Kicked out of Harvard for cheating.
- Killed a young women while driving drunk from a party.

-Left the scene of the accident and bought off the legal system.

-Made it possible for the massive illegal alien invasion.

- Supported the massive welfare dependence on Government (aka Great Society and public welfare).

-Promoted Union thuggery by public works corruption.
-Promoted the legal practice of child murder (abortion). Mary Jo isn't the only blood on his hands.

-Snorting coke and guzzling booze, womanizing, and participating in such debauchery that even got his nephew involved in a rape charge (and escaped by the usual Kennedy talent for buying off judges, prosecutors, and witnesses).

I will not apologize for being insensitive. This drunken bastard has done more to destroy my America than Stalin, Hitler, or even Mao ever thought possible. It's an absolute disgrace this lout is planted at Arlington.


Anonymous said...

Teddy Kennedy has done more for this country than your self absorbed, pathetic excuse of a human could ever think of doing. Shame on you.

suzy & kids said...

What a disgusting excuse for a human being you are. You have no compassion for the wonderful man that has done so much for our country. Forty years of legislation and 2,500 bills... Ted Kennedy, you will be missed... The compassionate and caring Christians of the world thank you... I ask God to comfort your mourning, surviving family members as they grieve your passing. I pray that one day, we find a cure for Cancer... for all of us.

Poor Wilber said...

God's term limits, my dear, term limits. Thank God, at least life has term limits.

Poor Wilber said...

I forgot to add, as Mark Twain commented many years ago, "I missed the funeral, but sent a note that I resoundingly approved".

Gtoz said...

Poor Wilber: You are right on! Too bad not enough others have the gonads to put this guy (and the others like him) in proper perspective, in regards to the damage they have done to our country.

Poor Wilber said...
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Poor Wilber said...

Gtoz, thanks for your kind support. If evil is not called out, it won't be recognized. This lout should have been getting out of prison about now on an aggravated vehicular homocide charge, not leaving the Senate with a grand title like the "Liberal Lion". Its enough to make me hurl. Teddy was the epitome of a Limo Liberal, very generous with taxpayer money, but opposingly tight with his own. Good riddance I say.