Friday, January 16, 2009

The Region Called Palestine

I'll say this again and again until it sinks in...PALESTINE is a REGION, not a COUNTRY. It never was a COUNTRY. It has traditionally been a region that encompassed contemporary Israel, and parts of Jordon,and Lebanon. It's been called Palestine since Roman occupation, who defined it as a REGION from the Mediterranean to the Jordon River.Since Palestine is a territory or region, Israelis are Palestinians. Jordanians are Palestinians, and Lebanese are Palestinians. Until the recent organization of the PNA, there has never been any historical claim(other than Israel) to the region of Palestine by so-called Palestinians. The Israelis turned this dessert into an oasis, and now the riff raff wants to move back in.Why isn't Lebanon or Jordon asked to trade land for peace, as those countries were part of Palestine?

Yasser Arafat, (who was born Egyptian, his father was born in Gaza, but his heritage on his fathers side was Egyptian), was nothing but a proxy agent for Arab states who wanted to continue the war with Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah are proxy agents. Arab states would have no reason to finance these terrorist organizations if their purpose were to discontinue attacks against Israel. They can't stop, or they'd otherwise loose their chartered purpose and the associated funding (by the sponsoring Arab states).

Israel must destroy both of these terrorist organizations, because neither Hamas or Hezbollah will make peace at any price with Israel. The purpose of Hama'sis to destroy Israel, and they care little about establishing a separate Palestinian State (that would exist in the shadow of Israel). Anyone with common sense understands this problem.May Israel's victory be swift and sure, and her enemies quickly dispatched to the nether regions of eternity.

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