Friday, January 23, 2009

Obongo Takes Ownership of Future Terrorist Attacks

Just one attack on U.S. soil, and the fantasy stops. The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, Syrians, Libyans, Cubans,Venezuela, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah are all changing their playbooks to challenge the new CINC. BO has dismantled the Bush apparatus that has protected us for the last seven years, so he owns this.

Our enemies don't want to get along, they want to replace America as a world power. The test is coming, as the Biden 'Gaffe-O-Matic' said during the campaign(apparently his genius wife is afflicted similarly). The wingnut Left won't approve of any move by BO to protect America or her interests. U.S workers will have to compete with third world illegal immigrants for table scraps, then reality will set in.

When the right to secret balloting is suspended to force non-union laborers into these Tony Soprano run rackets, reality will set in.

When cap and trade measures are implemented, coupled with uncontrolled inflation due to Government spending, reality will set in.

When Joe Six-Pack has to pay 800 dollar per month electric bills for 'green' energy, and 250 bucks to fill up his pick-up truck, then I'm confident the fantasy of'hope' will be crushed by living with the burden of a government run economy.

When the elderly are cut loose from a rationed healthcare system (socializedmedicine), and all resources going only to the young, reality will set in. Yes, my elderly friends, 'Soylent Green' could become your future. The socialists don't want you to live, but to die to make room and reduce pollution.

BOs balloon is so high, it'll at least be interesting how long the 'hope'rhetoric keeps it aloft. How long can the Independents and Moderates drink their own bath water ? How long can RINO Repubs drink the Kool-Aid? Americans are impatient people.

Americans want the economy improved. They don't want Gays in the military,Gay marriage, unfettered abortion, illegal alien amnesty, terrorist attacks on American soil.

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