Friday, January 2, 2009

Israel on Offense

Once again, into the fray. The predictable world news media criticises Israeli action in Gaza. I wonder if the French would tolerate years of bombardment inside the City of Paris? Maybe they would. The French were very restrained when Muslim rioters tried to burn the city down around them. Probably blamed themselves somehow.

However, the liberal media's claim of Israeli disproportional attacks against Gaza is absolute bullshit. There is no other word that fits.

As President Wilson once claimed, there can be no peace without victory. Someone has to win, and in that circumstance, I prefer it not be the terrorists. Israel is on our side. They're on our team, and we need to remember that even if the liberal media is confused. As Micheal Savage often says, "liberalism is a mental disorder". Liberals would put their own nation's best interest aside for their disgusting ideology.

Such is the symptom in California, where the bankrupt State Legislature would rather cut programs that affect legal residents than illegal aliens. How does one explain that kind of response other than a mental disorder? How is it possible that liberals are more concerned with Gitmo prisoners than showing any compassion for nearly 3000 Americans (and their survivors) that were incinerated in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and on Flight 93. Even in the horror of 9-11, the liberals blame U.S. policy creating the conditions for that terrorist attack on civilian targets. Some even blame the U.S. Government for launching the attack themselves. It is insanity, there is no other explanation. Their is nothing more toxic and dangerous than liberal thinking. They create messes that the 'grownups' must clean up.

Somewhere, somehow, the sane people of America are going to have to get back in charge. If we don't, the America we grew up in will disappear forever.

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