Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Brilliant Obama

We will see how articulate and sharp Obama truly is if we can ever pull him out from behind a teleprompter. His liberal Harvard law professor calling him brilliant, probably because he was soaking and parroting the liberal maxims that this so-called professor was spewing. Give me a break.

Obama, when speaking off the cuff, indicates that he also believes that he’s more intelligent than the rest of us, that he has brilliant arguments to establish world peace, that by constraining energy supplies we can make our economy grow, that we feebly cling to our religion and guns, that American’s are far behind Europeans because we don’t speak French.

Funny, the America I know has developed break through technologies, medicine, products, engineering, and I don’t recall any other country in the world managing to land on the moon recently (although Americans did it almost 40 years ago). And guess what, we didn’t need to speak French to do any of those things.

In my opinion, if not for America, the world would be a cesspool. God bless America. Obama thinks like a liberal. Americans are buffoonish braggarts, who need to be taken down a notch. He will be the President to do that without doubt. I still waiting to hear his brilliant arguments and plans

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