Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stop the Denial...This is A Holy War

The ground zero mosque, and other mosques scheduled for construction are the Islamic HQ's to carry on the jihad inside the United States. These buildings are far larger than their Muslim populations could use or support. They are being constructed for the future with foreign money primarily from Wahhabi's in Saudi and Iran.

The irrational liberals, who defend these incursions into the West, will be the first targets once jihadi political dominance is achieved.

There is no freedom where Sharia rules. This is a holy war from the Muslim perspective. They do not want duel state solutions in Palestine or even peaceful coexistence with democracies in the West. Their goal is to bring the entire world under Sharia, if it takes the next 1000 years.

I believe Imam Rauf wants to be the interim World Caliphate, and the successful completion of the GZ Mosque would create the optics of a great Muslim "victory". Although the "victory" was certainly a cowardly one, the completion of this shrine will bring Rauf great prestige and influence in the Muslim "world" he seeks to consolidate power. If you'll observe saw some of the video of Rauf's visits into Muslim countries, you can't help but notice they seem to treat him as royalty.

This entire thing is about Muslim supremacy throughout the world. Nothing else.

We do need to encourage new nationalism in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. Before Islam turned them dark, they were great civilizations. The people of these countries need to be REMINDED who they were before this Arab cult descended upon them and turned them into third world sh!t holes.

We need Western leaders with the courage to admit what the West is up against, and stop the denial that Islam is a religion in the first instance, and that it wants peace in the the second.

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