Friday, September 10, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque..Top Three Reasons Rauf Won't Back Down

Why does this radical Imam Rauf (called a moderate by the press) want to build this mosque in the face of overwhelming objections?

1. He wants to be an Islamic calaphite to the world by pulling off this stunt at the site of a great Mooselim victory.

2. By backing down, he would loose face in the Mooselim world as a strong effective leader.

3. By backing down and moving the location, he would loose foriegn funding from "crazy-as-a-sh!thouse-rat" countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

If we don't stop foriegn funding of these enemy fortresses in the USA, we will have more dead Americans bleeding on US soil. Mooselims born in the USA are not loyal to their country, but only to their evil Arab cult and his prophet.

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