Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poor Wilber Is Changing His Views On Debra Medina

Debra Medina is running for Governor of Texas, and self-destructed on the Glenn Beck program on Friday, when she was asked if she supported the 9-11 Truthers (listen here). Then, she follows up with more stupidity the following day (the video above). In this follow-up, she continues to say she is going to 'Champion" the right of others (Truthers) to question their Government (with insane, ridiculous, assertions). Don't get me wrong, questioning the Government and maintaining a healthy degree of skepticism at everything they do is important. But to waste time and energy on this kind of kooky stuff is beyond the pail.

To my great dismay, she didn't say to Glenn Beck when he asked the question..."of course not Glenn, are you crazy, I'm no stink'in Truther"? Did she do that....No....Miss Debra said that she doesn't support those Truther views, but thinks they have some legitimate argument that needs to be vetted. WTF?

OK Debra, then do you feel that way about the American Nazi Party, Communist Party USA, or our friends at NAMBLA. Any crazy organization in America is going to get a seat at your table? Needless to say, I am discouraged and dismayed that I may have to shift my support back to Rick Perry. Holy batshit, Batman.

After the Beck interview, I also found out she was rumored to have worked on the Ron Paul campaign. Now theres a bunch of coconuts, almost as wacky as the Ralph Nadar Greens and his band of Eco warriors. What in the hell was Debra Medina thinking? I'm so pissed off...that I invested in this campaign, and now learn my candidate may be some sort of a nut.

I've been on her Facebook page trying to get to the bottom of this, and I've been confronted by Truthers, Ron Paul memes, and DNC operatives, and people in plain denial over this issue. If these are the voices advising Ms. Medina, she's finished. She needs to denounce the Truther movement in a strong way...and get that out now in a press release. The liberal media is picking up on this controversy, and they're piling in on her side because she looks more like a Libertarian than a Republican to them. The entire world has gone mad.

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