Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homosexual Marriage...Not in Texas

Marriage is a legal institution to provide legal status to children. Again, and again, and again, the State of Texas is not governing love, but establishing an institution that’s in its best interest. That interest is constructing the best platform for raising healthy children inside homes with a Mother and Father. That result is indisputable. Children (by and large) who are raised in these homes get better grades, are less likely to be criminals, are less likely to have babies outside of marriage. Homosexual marriage, in contrast, provides no value to the State at all, but encourages unhealthy sexual practices that will add costs to an already overtaxed healthcare system.

Heterosexual marriage does not simply involve procreation, but provides healthy families that will raise balanced children who will eventually become patriotic taxpaying citizens. Without balanced children growing up to adulthood, the State would not exist. Since Europe has already bought into the Gay marriage agenda, and has failed to endorse and encourage strong heterosexual families, their not even replacing themselves. When the State redefines marriage to mean ‘anything goes’, young heterosexuals in Europe have changed attitudes about marriage and are no longer interested in engaging in long term relationships (or producing healthy children) as the societal norm. Sure, they continue to be interested in sex, and occasional have procreation accidents, which is what keeps the abortion mills in the business of killing children before they draw their first breath. Look at the Hollywood culture today…I rest my case.

In California, who has bought into the “gay” agenda, is a collapsing mess,…economically, structurally, and morally. We in Texas are trying to preserve American traditional values, and insure those values are preserved. Licensed marriage by the State of Texas is not about LOVE, unless someone can show me in the law where loving your partner is a requirement. The legal requirement is that you have to be of legal age and opposite sex. Some arguments that childless couples should not be allowed to be married are completely feckless. That cannot be defined in any reasonable sense, as childless couples adopt and/or medical science provides solutions so they might have their own children. In both cases, the child has the best environment to thrive, with both a Mother and a Father. Older couples who marry provide good examples and roll models for younger child bearing heterosexuals, so it helps establish a healthy social order…so it still benefits the State.

Finally, homosexuality is a psycho-sexual disorder, just like pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, cross dressing, etc, and a ever increasing long list of sexual deviate behaviors. Homosexuality was removed from this list by fiat in 1973. Political pressure (as it is today) was brought to bare against the American psychologist and psychiatrist association not by a scientific evaluation, but by a show of hands (a vote). Of course, this group met in San Francisco, so what more can I say. Now the pedophiles in the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are trying to get pedophilia legalized. Homosexuality is not a gene, birth defect, or anything that can be identified scientifically. This science is much like the recently debunked man-made global warming hoax. In this case, the data was cooked. In the case of homosexuality, there was no supporting data at all (click HERE for more info). Homosexuality is an identity and lifestyle. Homosexuality is a proclivity like many other things. Homosexuality is a psychological disorder. Whatever, it should never be licensed in the State of Texas. God save Texas.

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