Sunday, January 31, 2010

High Taxes - Hybrid Socialism - The End of Abundance

Socialism, meaning that we separate the money earned by others to the benefit of those who did not contribute is a system that ultimately will fail.

Socialism's allure to the 'poor man' is also its fatal flaw. Socialism, like the fool that kills the golden goose to loot the gold that must be inside...only finds the organs and guts of an ordinary goose.

The allure of Socialism from a politician's perspective is really simple, in that if you rob productive Peter to pay unproductive Petra, Paul, and Mary... you'll always have the unwavering support of unproductive Petra, Paul, and Mary. Look at the recent vote in Oregon to tax the rich. The rich right now can leave Oregon, and they will eventually. New businesses will avoid Oregon, because it is hostile to entrepreneurs. As I understand it, many businesses and wealthy are leaving California today...which will further erode its tax base. If Hussein Obama's, Pelosi's, and Reid's Socialistic policies are spread nationally, there will be nowhere left to go....and the idea of America dies.

When Socialism grabs more and more of income, it collapses under its own weight (i.e. USSR) as the motivation to produce dies in the culture. The economic collapse just takes longer in hybrid versions of Socialism found in Europe, Canada, and now in the USA.

Hybrid socialism doesn't kill the golden goose immediately, but it take most of the goose's feed corn so she produces fewer and fewer 'golden' eggs to feed the masses. Socialism is the end of abundance, which builds naturally as free men in a free market strive to improve their lot in life.

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