Friday, January 29, 2010

Gays In The Military - Bring Your Kevlar Butt Shields - or One More Trip Over Brokeback Mountain.

BO, predictably in his first SOTU speech, offered to remove any restraint to 'open' gayness in the US military. Why then do we need to have male and female bathrooms and showers? To force heterosexuals to live communally with homosexuals with only the UCMJ to keep order is foolish. If an openly gay person is outted, it creates the potential for all types of harassment charges inside a sometimes close and intimate living situation. Under the current policy, at least the illusion of normalcy is maintained. If it (the UCMJ) is sufficient for maintaining good order and discipline, then why separate men and women at all ? Mr. President, why don't you take a shower with our Gay friends, and rethink this whole thing. Our military is designed to protect the country, and is not some uber liberal social engineering trial balloon. This will create all kinds of social problems that commands will have to deal with and adds costs to already overstressed DoD budgets to support dependent lesbian and gay lovers of rump rangers and muff divers in every branch of service.

Progressives are as dangerous as Islamic radicals we are fighting, one wants to kill us, the other to disarm us. I can't get the potential image of two male homosexuals in dress blues close dancing at the next Infantry Ball.

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