Saturday, June 20, 2009

History Repeating Itself...

In the late 1850's, The tendency toward a greater national power worried practical Southerners who, like Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia, thought the strong government an instrument for sectional exploitation.
"All that we ask of you is - keep your hands out of our pockets," said Stephens.
Isn't that the same thing we're asking the Socialist Government of Barack Hussein Obama to do in 2009? They won't keep their hands from our pockets, wallets, or anything else. These socialist bastards have alway thought the fruits of ones labor belong to the Government first, and to the earner, second. How much longer will we put up with this?
I bought a house and am forced to to pay the Government (rent) for the right to continue to live in it. I work 4 months of the year to pay tribute to the Government for the reward of staying out of jail. I wish there were better words to stir people to action, but I don't have them. If we do not restore opposition in 2010 to the Socialist Government of Hussein Obama, we will face civil strife and violence like never before. This is like a nightmare, and it sometimes seems that I'm the only one awake. I know thats not true, as Glen Beck reminds us all, but we've got a fight on our hands to stop America from becoming another Socialist paradise.


Tom Sawyer said...

Who is going to start the violence? Remember that the Civil War was the war of Northern aggression. If several states were to stand up for their tenth amendment rights and thumb their collective noses at Washington, is there anyone up there with the coconuts to do anything about it? Obama ain't no Lincoln. Again, who is going to start the bloodshed?

Poor Wilber said...

Tom, I just wish people had the stones to get off the damn couch and attend a TEA Party protest somewhere. Hope to see you in Washington on September 12th. There is a real chance we can start turning this around in 2010. Even the Democrats are starting to get nervous.