Friday, June 5, 2009

Fort Tiller

Ft. Tiller is one of three late term aboratoriums in the United States. George Tiller, Herr Commandant of Fortress Tiller, killed over 60,000 babies in its 20 plus year existence. Only the Third Reich's Dr. Mengele has exceded Dr. Tiller's record for killing children for fun and profit. If there is a God in Heaven, Tiller is forced to finally listen to the cries of the slain.... with 60,000 witnesses giving testimony... of how a mere man had the audacity to act as a God. How ironic to be slain himself by a man with similar inclinations. Justice perhaps. As the Good Book says, live by the sword, and die by it....and sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

The arrogance of Tiller:

His flag pole. Under the American flag he sometimes flies his blue clinic flag that reads:
"W.H.C.S. Reproductive Freedom Outpost - Summer 2001"
W.H.C.S. is the abbreviation of the clinic name. Summer 2001 was the ten-year anniversary of the massive Summer of Mercy protests.

Dr. Megele's, er Tiller's aboratorium. It actually is fully equipped with a crematorium to dispose of the slain innocents.

Should God forgive them?

Frankly...I don't want to even ask.

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