Friday, October 14, 2016

What Infidels Don't Get About Islam

What infidels don't get about radicals, is that they all are non-religious. One has to understand that Islam is a scoreboard to attain heaven, unlike Christianity which provides a path to forgiveness for all sin. In Islam, sin stains the soul through eternity. Only three things insure heaven in Islam, good works, a sinless life, and or martyrdom. That's how non-religious Muslims are recruited, as martyrdom is the one way to wipe all sin from their path to heaven. No forgiveness for sin, except by martyrdom.

This is why religious Muslim men are totally freaked out if women are not covered and they are inadvertently aroused and sin. They don't want to sin, or they might otherwise be forced into martyrdom for redemption. Many Muslim terrorists frequented Gentlemen's Clubs and drank because their decision to martyr themselves provided a get-out-of-hell card. You have to understand this to fight it.     The non-religious  Muslim is the more likely profile for a terrorist.

 This is very much why religious and non-religious Muslims are not compatible with Western civilization.   The religious fears temptation and tries to impose Sharia, while the non-religious sins due to Western open societies and martyrs himself.

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