Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Government Shutdowns

GOP Presidents of the RINO class took little leadership in reforming the Great Society. It wasn't until Newt Gingrich, working with a Democrat in the White House (under pressure), did real tangible reform come about (Welfare to Work). This was in the aftermath of a Government shutdown caused by a budget disagreement between Clinton and Gingrich. As a result of both economic growth and less social spending, the deficit disappeared. Gingrich would have won more reforms, if Bob Doyle R (Senate Majority Leader) hadn't caved first. Clinton himself was even surprised by this.

The establishment GOP tried to destroy Gingrich over the shutdown, much like their current efforts (including sycophants at American Crossroads) are trying to do to Senator Cruz and Lee over the recent shutdown. Then, as now, the GOP establishment spinelessly accused conservatives in their "own party's base. I'm sure the establishment Repubs were personally and philosophically against shutting down any part of this bulging Government…... but what is unforgivable is blatantly accusing"right wingers" as the cause and effect. I'm sure they did this to also "mitigate" blame from themselves, shielding themselves from a very biased and hostile media. So they blamed others in their own party rather than justly contesting the press narrative with solidarity and courage. The establishment leadership openly criticized their own base …. then and now. Nothing has changed.

I don't believe for one second, that a President Chris Cristie or Jeb Bush will repeal this law (Obamacare). Nor am I convinced McConnell or Boehner will resist. Oh yeah...... they'll nibble around the edges with costly, feckless reforms, but will do little else. Christie and Bush, like McCain and Romney, will predictably campaign as conservatives, but will govern like liberals. That’s not likely to happen however, as a Cristie or Bush candidacy cannot succeed. The "electability" argument has failed in two attempts to win the WH with moderate candidates.

There is also something very cynical about the establishment GOP narrative that we should have simply let "Obamacare collapse on its own", and not forcing Democrats to reform it. Yes, even if it brews up a political s**t storm, it should have been resisted at all costs. To let this collapse on its own, is really the equivalent of saying……let the unwashed masses suffer….feel the pain of this law…let small businesses go under (a lifetime of work for many).....then they'll come back to us. Pathetic leadership.

The idea that families and businesses who have been destroyed by ACA will crawl out of the ruins of their lives and gratefully wave the GOP flag (the same establishment controlled party that was gleefully watching it crush them) is certainly a huge assumption, Mr. Wills

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