Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Should We Hope Socialism Fails?

Why is it that we should not hope and pray socialism fails? There are many more Marxists in this country (both legal and illegal) hoping that free market capitalism fails. America's prosperity and power is generated by free markets and individual economic liberty. Unfortunately, that fact is no longer taught in public schools or universities.

The Marxists always fail because in order to redistribute wealth, they must have a constant stream of wealth to loot. Once that stash is gone, socialism collapses under its own weight (as that model cannot generate enough new wealth to go around). Socialism starts eating its own body by rationing the scarcity created by central economic management. That is why the USSR collapsed and communist China is moving towards capitalism.

Socialism always centralizes power, and why that economic model is advocated by statists who jealously guard that power regardless of what it does economically to the people they control. Once control of national production is achieved, the consolidation of that power allows them to effectively reward their cronies (and themselves) while punishing opponents. It all ends the same way, but every socialist dictatorship is typically run by megalomaniacs who truly believe they can make it work where others have failed

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