Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Bush and Obama Doctrine

The Communist Party USA and socialism is a democratic alternative for the United States as well Charles. Although this would mean the suppression or outright elimination of economic liberty, private property rights, and the implementation of a mandatory godless secular humanist morality, democracy is always good?

Many conservatives are skeptical as to whether the Bush (and now Obama) doctrine to establish democracy in the Middle East is a good thing. Let's be honest.

Frankly, the neocon penchant for interventionism, to continue to advocate that American military power should be used throughout the world to promote democracy requires further debate...... as to whether such policies do any American citizen any good or provide any measure of security. After all, Americans are individuals who wish to live in liberty themselves, and do not want to be a part (bill payers) of endless imperial warfare to establish democracy in our time. Read my first paragraph in regard to democracy

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