Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marriage Equality is a Myth

There has to be a fundemental understanding of why States license marriage. It establishes legal responsibilities for the progeny, and incentives to raise them well. Without children raised in homes with a Mother and Father, our society emplodes. Marriage has been damaged already by quick no fault divorce, and single parents have become the norm. This adds to the disintegration of a revered institution that our civilization depends. Its already cracking under the strain. I read 47 percent of children are born into single parent homes. A potential disaster in the making.

The State has no interest in licensing homosexual marriage, as it does nothing for the State (i.e. in terms of producing and educating the next generation). I realize there is surrogate breeding and adaptions by homosexuals, but these children grow up in homes where natural heterosexual parents (the norm) isn't modeled. In some cases, adapted or surrogate children raised in these homes are more likely to sexually experiment between genders....and receive encourgement from homosexual "parents" to do so. Why not?  The growth of homosexual marriage also creates "markets" for surrogates to breed children, which is horrible. Put yourself in the childs position, of being bought and sold on the market, regardless of whether your adapted parent "loves" you.

I'm a person who believes homosexuality is a mortal sin, and that those unrepentent homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators (all sexual immorality) will not inherit eternal life. Homosexuality has been a problem for centuries, read Romans Chapter 1 (as a history) to see what the early Christian Church in Rome was confronting with homosexuality. One thing to remember, God rules in his heaven, not the Supreme Court.

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