Thursday, February 7, 2013

Obamacare Revisited

This HHS action is exactly what Obamacare proponents were saying all along (while the Obama regime denied it), that the ACA removes religious liberty. Allowing employers to offer limitations based on their conscience and faith, does not hinder or stop employees from pursuing additional coverage on their own, paying the modest cost themselves, or finding an new employer that covers these things. That status quo hinders no ones liberty. The Obama regime is simply trying to divide the opposition to make it easier to steamroll the remaining few opponents (by giving exceptions to some, but not all). Later in the campaign, they'll continue to destroy individual liberty with this relentless "progressive" socialist grinding wheel.

After religious liberty and the right to self defense is shredded, they'll come after free speech against their political opponents. They're doing it right in the open, and the media is in the tank making the case...i.e.,  that all this is for our "own good".   It is not American, to trust Government.  Our founders didn't, and our system of Government was designed to make it difficult for Government to impose its will on the American people. Please remember, centralizing authority in Washington IS NOT an American idea, but one born of monarchies, dictatorships, and Europeon or Soviet style socialism. A true American is ALWAYs skeptical of Government, and would never increase its power over individual liberty, regardless of any good intention.

 Jefferson told us to not speak of good men, but to bind them with the chains of the Constitution. When I say wake up, don't hide in third party movements. To oppose these Marxists, we've got to unite regardless of the differences we have. I'm talking to RINOs in particular, as the establishment Republican's campaign to purge conservatives from party leadership must stop. You must incorporate conservative views as an important part of the platform moving forward. Otherwise, the GOP is nothing but cold poridge.

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