Saturday, September 1, 2012

Will Race Ever Never Matter?

The issue of race will never disappear. Its become an industry in the US. What perpetuates this industry is the fact that only non-whites can have a racial identity in this country. Non-whites, under the double standard, can form racially biased companies, TV channels, organizations, or even offer academic curriculum in our finest institutions. These same activities would otherwise be deemed racist for whites. Until this industry is directly criticised, and no longer tolerated, race baiting will continue to be a problem in the country.

If we no longer tolerate the KKK, then why do we continue to tolerate Black Entertainment TV,  NAACP, La Raza (the race),  or any organization that only promotes the racial identity of one group?   These organizations are even squabbling, as Cubans and African American groups are arguing over exclusion in the Miami mayor's race.   Isn't it about time we said goodbye forever to race?

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