Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homosexual Marriage....Doesn't Make Sense

Gayness is a self proclaimed identity based on ones sexual appetites. It represents a very small minority.

The States sole interest in protecting the institution of marriage is the protection of children... vital for the perpeturity of civilization. Who needs gay marriage? To what end, to what purpose?

Unhealthy homosexual practices launched one of the most deadly epidemics in the world; perversions which have now leaked into to heterosexual community....costing billions upon billions....not to mention lives lost.

Not only should we never endorse marriage between homosexuals, but ban it entirely by reinstituting sodomy laws. Although I would never suggest monitoring private behavior in bedrooms, sodomy laws had the good effect of forbiding homosexual marriage and running perverse pornograhers out of the State. A two-pher benefit. Sodomy should be banned as unhealthy practice, as much crystal meth piping is today.

The concept of Barney Fwank piping his boyfriend, or Elana Kagan strapping on "an aparatus" for her girlfriend.. can never be equated by the holy union of a man and women united in a commited relationship, with the promise of nurturing,raising, and educating the next generation of Americans. Give me a break.

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