Sunday, July 4, 2010

Progressive Armageddon

The Armageddon coming will contest those who hold that rights are inalienable and the secular progressive statists who insist that no universal truth exists (therefore, it’s amendable). The Progressive line of thinking follows Nietzsche, and believe the force we call evil is simply "man the animal" slowly evolving. Progressivism seeks to remedy man’s state, while progressives themselves are unable to recognize that they, themselves, are the same animal. They run in circles searching for truth. Those that follow them remain confused and directionless.

Progressives have latched on to the idea of race, as they are the premier racists who see everything in terms of race. Race is central to their line of thinking, in terms of man’s state, and what needs to be done to evolve the animal to a higher form of existence. It’s the grand experiment, that defines their politics and activism. In fact, progressives are ”ate up” with race. That is the first thing a progressive will notice about you.

Do you recall when tea parties were organizing; liberal focus was primarily on the tea partier's race, as it defined why “teabaggers” were protesting. This was Chris Matthew's single issue with the Tea Party. When you understand this about progressive liberals, everything they do is predictable. They classify those willing to accept their doctrine as enlightened, those who accept their help as oppressed and evolving, and those who oppose them hatefully bigoted. It is the Conservative who is not the bigot or racist, who expects every person to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps.

If those who are seen as helpless only understood how lowly and inferior progressive liberals benevolently see them, they would break the chain of dependence and stand up for themselves.

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