Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abby's Safe

Nothing pisses me off more than the selfishness and self indulgence this incident represents. The parents, at a minimum, should be up on child endangerment charges. The idiot father said you can't over protect children, that we can't stop them from driving cars (for example) because they can be killed or injured. Are you kidding me? He equates a sixteen year old driving to the mall with sailing a small boat around the world in dangerous waters ALONE. Its a good thing this young girl didn't drift within the range of Somali pirates, or she would have had a much more significant problem than a broken mast section.

Reading the blogs, other idiots have commented this was a brave thing to do, it shows spine and the ol' pioneer spirit...following your dreams...blah...blah...blah. I learned a long time ago there is a big difference between bravery and stupidity. If these high adventure addicts had to pay the FULL cost of their rescues, perhaps it would give them pause. I got news for these folks, the pioneers and explorers of old did not call 911 or turn on distress beacons when things went south. Give me a break.

This is another example of stupid people doing stupid things, and the rest of us paying for it. I'm glad this young girl is saved, but I doubt that she or her parents have learned one thing from this experience.

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