Sunday, October 4, 2009

Healthcare....Funny Smackdown of Ad

AARP is trying to kill its current members with its support of Obamacare. Unfortunately, many unhappy AARP members bought 3 year memberships, or even life memberships to this leftwing organization and can't easily leave. The AARP is much like ACORN, SEIU, UAW, Rainbow Coalition, who are hiding their political affiliations using tax free money. This video does a very good job, using edgy humor, to discredit much of what was put forward by The Will Ferrel ad was nothing more than cheer leading for the DNC health care bill while demonizing insurance companies. No one argues that health care reform is needed, but a Government takeover will not fix the problem. The GOP has a plan, and it makes sense. Why they didn't address it years ago is a fair question. However, what is important is what is the best thing to do now. In this case, a free market solution is what is needed. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Make it illegal to discriminate for pre-existing conditions. I know, this isn't so 'free market'. However, nothing makes it so difficult or impossible to change jobs or do something more useful in the ecomony than loosing health insurance after a diagnosis. Many patients, who have chronic conditiona that are easily and economically treated, or cancer survivors doing well cannot get insurance on the private market. In many cases, these people are healthier than the undiagnosed population at large because of their new found interests in diet, exercise, and following medical prescriptions. Discriminating against them and favoring undiagnosed walking time bombs doesn't seem right to me. Everyone is one diagnosis away from not being able to buy insurance, so we need to consider whether to continue to exclude these folks to be in the long term interest of our economy.

2. Allow you to shop outside your State for insurance. Nothing lowers costs better than competition. Instead of 10 or less insurance companies to chose from, you have hundreds. You ask yourself why don't States want you to do this? Its really very simple. In primarily BLUE States, the liberal legislatures and insurance regulators require their insurance companies to cover everything from Abortion to Viagra. If you just want hospitalization insurance with a drug prescription component, you can't by it. Some States require insurance policies to cover mental if you live in those States, your FORCED to subsidize these things whether you want to or not. Your subsidization of those unwanted services makes your insurance premiums sky high. Once again, blame the liberals. Why should your family subsidize Viagra prescriptions because of some geezer's woody problem? I'm just sayin. Sorry geezers, but most of you can afford to buy this stuff out of of pocket or you can buy more expensive insurance to cover it. Don't make the rest of us subsidize it. Folks, out of State shopping will allow you to go around your liberal State legislature and regulators to find a policy that's right for you, and one you can afford. I think, along these lines, we should go to a cash basis for routine care, and have insurance for surgeries, hospitalization, and catastrophic care. When I was growing up, you paid the Doctor directly for checkups, and had insurance for more serious problems. It was a better deal than including routine care inside an insurance premium. If your paying 500-1000 per month for individual/family coverage that includes routine care, what about instead paying 250-500 per month, and a 50-70 dollars cash fee for a Doctor's visit. You'll find its really a better bargain, especially if go one, two, or three times a year.

3. Allow citizens to purchase drugs from other countries. I've heard the safety issue used to thwart this...but do we believe in free enterprise or not? The individual must assume some responsibility if they buy prescription drugs that are not effective. Individual responsibility to evaluate the quality and risks....such a novel, American idea. The nanny State would of course reject this idea, but we must restore competition in the drug market. Many Americans already cross borders to buy meds at reduced cost, and this should be allowed for mail customers as well who do not live in border regions. Let free enterprise reign!!!

4. Reduce costly and endless testing for new drugs. If people wish to take experimental drugs, explain the risks and let them decide. Lets not front load the costs with unbelievably expensive studies that take years/decades to that when the imperial FDA decides its suitable for one can afford it. Come on, no more 300 dollar pills. That insanity must stop. Allow people to decide whats best for them given the truth about the risks of all experimental drugs. Let responsible adults decide for themselves!!!

5. Allow people to deduct the cost of insurance premiums from their income tax. How simple is that? If corporations can do this, why can't individuals? Current law makes no sense.

6. Allow health savings accounts that roll over. Why should you loose money, as it is now, if you don't spend the full amount in a given year? That's ridiculous.

7. Law suit reform (Tort Reform). Lawyers are adding billions in cost to our health care system. We need to hold doctors and hospitals responsible for mistakes, but what is going on now is ludicrous. Yes, people who suffer need to have their medical needs taken care of, and any income losses replaced if they can't work or are disabled. No more jackpot justice. The former Presidential candidate John Edwards made million upon millions of dollars chasing ambulances. Who paid for John Edwards 28,000 square foot mansion and 400 dollar haircuts.....we did. His legal wins were passed on to millions of insurance rate payers in higher premiums. That has to stop. Reasonable compensation yes, jackpot justice....hell no. PS, we also have to do a better job of getting bad doctors out of practice using a National database that will flag and prevent incompetents from crossing State lines after loosing their license.

All of these things will lower insurance cost, and create the free market we need...that doesn't exist today.

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Lorne Marr said...

Nice video! Can't but agree with the redistribution of wealth :) Although Will Ferrel does an excellent job in this ad he could spare few millions and give them out ;) You should also check out my funny insurance commercials. Almost as funny as this video! Thanks fro sharing it.

Take care, Lorne