Sunday, July 5, 2009


I recently had a discussion with Dr. C.L. Gray, the Doctor who runs the “Physicians for Healthcare Reform advocacy group. He mentioned a chilling story of a woman under the Oregon state health care system that was fighting cancer. Instead of the chemotherapy that she needed, she was given two options by the bureaucrats who run this system…..1. Hospice care… or….get this…are you sitting down? Option number “2”was Doctor assisted suicide. Yes, believe it or not, they not only invited her to off herself, but compassionately offered to pay for it. This sounds like a fantasy script from the popular series, the Twilight Zone, but unfortunately this sad story isn't make believe.

This is ObamaCare. You will not like it. The choice to live or die will no longer be yours or God’s, it will be the Messiah Hussein and his Government bureaucrats. Read more about our future….its already here. While you're there, also read more about proposed alternate solutions for reform.

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